Supplementary Feed

Suitable for mid-tier AB12 (£632/tonne), EF23 (£630/tonne) and HF24 (822/tonne)

Probably the most important farmland bird option as it delivers guaranteed food through the winter when the birds most need it. You can use your own wheat and oilseed rape but a percentage of small seeds such as millet and canary seed are essential to ensure you are feeding a range of species. Whilst the following mixes cover most situations and budgets we can put together any bespoke mix should none of the three below float your boat.

AB12 budget mix

White millet, rape seed, black sunflower, red dari

AB12 premium mix 

Canary seed, red millet, white millet, rape seed, black sunflower, sunflower hearts

 Bag size – all packed in 25kg bags

Minimum order size – 250kg

For more information please contact the office on 01480 890686