Arran Dennis

Arran Dennis – BSc (Hons) Forest & Woodland Conservation

Independent Consultant

Arran’s interest in trees and woodlands began when his family bought a small holding with a couple of acres of woodland when he was 11. After finishing secondary school Arran went straight into a tree surgery apprenticeship and then onto a woodland management role working for North Norfolk District Council. From there he progressed to university achieving a first class BSc honours degree in Forest and Woodland Conservation. Whilst at university Arran carried on working as a practical forester for felling and planting gangs in the ever testing terrain, and weather, of the Lake District.

In 2015 Arran graduated from university and joined Rod Pass Associates as a self-employed consultant. In this role he gained experience in producing woodland management plans for complex SSSI’s and ancient woodlands, managing the impacts of deer on woodland ecosystems and implementing and managing work programmes to a budget. Arran still holds onto his practical roots and practices forestry on a part-time basis carrying out; felling, coppicing, pruning and planting. Arran also works as a contractor for the Deer Initiative, carrying out activity and impact assessments on sensitive woodland sites across Suffolk.

Arrans interests lie in continuous cover forestry, ancient woodland ecosystems and more recently agroforestry.