Oakbank About Us

Ian Gould

Ian was born at a very early age in Berkshire, but has spent most of his life in and around Cambridge.

A keen sportsman, Ian obtained the nickname "Sport Billy" at Harper Adams College, where he spent 3 very happy years running the disco, organising social events and actually working quite hard on the AMBA Course.

After college Ian rejoined the Seed trade, working for Semundo Ltd where he helped to market new varieties of Linseed, Spring Rape, Oats and Triticale. After several happy years here he moved on to work for BDR as a Farm Business Manager, but grain trading didn't prove to be his cup of tea. After a couple of successful years at BDR, Ian moved on to become Seed Business Manager at CPB Twyford where he managed the seed production plant, seed crop production and all the logistics for the business.

After 5 years at CPB Ian was lured away to work for Kings Game Cover and Conservation Crops, where he worked with Tim Furbank for the first time. This was a very exciting and successful time for both of them and led on to the formation of Oakbank Game & Conservation Ltd in 2004.  Ian has been instrumental in developing the Cover Crop side of the Oakbank business, and area in which he has a deep interest and ever increasing knowledge.

Ian is married to Karen and they have two boys, two dogs and no horses (’Yet’ says Karen!). They moved to Grafham in 2007 to be nearer the growing business and enjoy lots of outdoor activities, not least Rugby that Ian also coaches on a regular basis at club and county level. Ian is a keen shot, fisherman and photographer, taking most of the pictures that Oakbank use in their promotional work.