Oakbank About Us

What we do

We are recognised as specialists in the supply of seeds, plants and advice for the creation of wildlife habitat on farmland, particularly for Game.

We supply a wide range of gamecover, wild flowers, grasses, hedging, trees and shrubs to create the ideal habitat for your project.

Products are sourced from around the globe, or around the corner, to provide the highest standards of quality and, if required, local provenance. Our suppliers are well aware of our high standards and we work closely with them to source the best seeds and plants that are available.

Our Advisory Service is highly regarded and we enjoy becoming an on-going part of your team, providing advice on cover crop planning, agronomy and the use of Countryside Stewardship. This is increasingly important as part of the Campaign for the Farmed Environment, but it can also significantly improve farm profitability. Our work is recommended by DEFRA staff and we work closely with organisations such as the GWCT and NGO to promote good practise and improve standards. Our trials are regularly visited by officials who decide what can and cannot be done within the schemes, so we endeavour to help them make informed choices.

The best way to get a flavour of what we do and how we do it is to call us on 01480 890686. We will discuss what your requirements are and how best you could proceed.

Our promise to you is that you will be glad you spoke to us. Pick up the phone today and become part of the Oakbank success story...